Caffineria – two popular places in NoLo and close to the Martesana

Inge de Boer Pubblicato il 21 Ottobre 2020

A coffeebar and winery in a single place. Or actually, in two. Because after they opened the first Caffineria in NoLo, a year ago the second location opened in the Martesana area in Milan. 

Caffineria Martesana
Via Privata Prandina 1 (angolo Via Ponte Nuovo)
Mo – Su | h8.00 – h22.00

Caffineria NoLo
Piazza Morbegno 2
Su – Thu | h8.00 – h23.00, Fri – Sa | h8.00 – h01.00

Site | Facebook | Instagram
Brioche 1€ (empty), 1,50€ (filled), coffee from 1€, bagels from 5,40€
wine 3€/ glass, wine from the bottle 4,50€/wine

La Caffineria for breakfast: brioches full of energy

My first encounter with La Caffineria was by coincidence. While walking through the NoLo neighborhood, I decided to have a coffee break in Piazza Morbegno. While most of the places open only for aperitivo, la Caffineria is open all-day long. Soon after I discovered this bar, they opened a second place. Also this one not to far from my home in the Martesana area. The pictures in this article are taken there. Soon enough I decided to come here regularly.  

When I have a breakfast at la Caffineria, I always enjoy a good coffee (for me a cappuccino, per favore) and a brioche from the Pasticceria Giacomo. I prefer it with crema pasticciera. The brioches are not only high-quality, but also a good size. So having breakfast here means that you can handle the rest of the morning without any problem. If however you like to have an alternative to the ‘everyday’ brioche, you can also decide to order a muffin or one of the varieties of brownies they have on offer. 

By the way, since the bars re-opened after the COVID-19 lockdown, both the places of la Caffineria have some seats outside too.

La Caffineria for lunch: bagels and more

For lunch and during dinner, one eats mainly bagels. On the menu there are different varieties, adapted to all tastes: from a vegan bagel to one with bresaola and tuna fish. No matter which you choose, I can assure you that they are all delicious. If however to feel the need to warm-up, you can always choose a warm dish, like a pasta or a lasagna. Off course, this all is served with a nice glass of wine. Which brings me to the next chapter.

La Caffineria for the aperitivo: wine, wine and wine

After many breakfasts and a try-out lunch I returned to the Caffineria for an aperitivo. This is where the winery part comes in. Together with the coffee part (caffe) the winery (vineria), gives the names to this place. On the menu you can find a large choice of natural wines or wines produced by independent wineries. If you are lucky to enjoy your aperitivo often at the Caffineria, please know that the wine list changes regularly. In case you want to try many wines in the shortest time possible, you have to go to the Caffineria on Wednesday evenings’. That night they organise the so called open bar. For only 8€ you can drink various wines, accompanied by small snacks. Besides being the perfect chance to try different wines, it is also an opportunity to meet new people and to exchange opinions about the various wines you had.

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