Quattro Quarti Torte: the sweets of Milano

Inge de Boer Pubblicato il 26 Marzo 2019

A piece of cake to start the day or to make life a bit more sweet. Or you enjoy one when you need an excuse for a long chat with you best friend. At Quattro quarti torte you don’t need an excuse to enter. The cakes are the excuse.

Quattro Quarti Torte
Via Melzo 22 | Milano 

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Ma – Ve | 9.30 – 12.30 / 13.30 – 19.30
Sa | 10 – 13 / 15.30 – 19

Prezzo | Caffè 1€ / Tè caldo 2.50€ / Fetta di torta 4€ / Torte da asporto a partire da 26€

3 reasons to go to Quattro Quarti Torte:

  • to feel at home even though you are not at home
  • to forget a horrible day
  • for a piece (or two) or delicious cake
Quattro Quarti Torte Milano

I feel almost embarrassed to say so, but the story of Quattro quarti torte reminds me of a book I read during a relaxing holiday. It was a romantic story of a girl that lost both her job as well as her boyfriend on the same day. All this bad luck made her decide to do that what she always had wanted to do: open a cupcake cafe. I hope I don’t offend anyone and in particular not Elena, owner and chef of Quattro quarti torte.

Unlimited choice

The concept of Quattro quarti torte is very simple, but no one else has ever done the same. At least, as far as I know. Each day different sweet cakes are baked and put on display, ready to be eaten. After you’ve enter this place, probably attracted by the smells in the street or the beautiful designed interior, you can choose a piece of one of the cakes of the day.

But Elena hasn’t limited herself only to the sales of just pieces of cake. If you want, you can also compose your own cake, putting together pieces of different cakes. It is a very good alternative for the traditional sweet pastries you get in Milan. Or in case you have trouble choosing.

Quattro Quarti Torte Milano

Fai da te

Elena told me that her passion for sweet pastries started already from a young age. Besides opening this beautiful place, where the colours and materials used offer a relaxing atmosphere, she also decided to organise courses. In one evening, Elena teaches you how to make, for example a cheesecake or delicious brownies.

With the ingredients selected from small producers, with real colours and flavours, you will prepare your own cake and bring that home. Don’t even think to arrive at the level of Elena, but at least you can say you’ve tried…

Besides, there is always the excuse to return to Quattro quarti torte.

Quattro Quarti Torte Milano

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