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The best places for working in Turin for Monica

The best places for working in Turin for Monica

This summer I made a big decision … I decided that I would leave a job that I liked, but that required all my energy, to devote myself to something that I liked even more … this blog. I chose to give myself a little more time, to give me and Jehanne the chance and the time to work together and more seriously to make this blog our life project. So I left my permanent job, I accepted a fixed-term part-time contract and filled the days of meetings, smiles and lots of coffee. I started working even more hours and I found myself without a fixed workspace. Because let’s face it, working at home with Dumas on my legs is pleasant, but not the best option everyday. And so I started exploring the city in search of the most comfortable working space for me. And here I summarize my favorites! The list is not exhaustive, but if you like, I’ll add more in the future!

My favourite places for working in Turin

Finding a suitable place to work and be able to concentrate, that is not your home or an office, is not easy. In addition, there is the great challenge of finding a plug and a good wi-fi connection, fast enough to allow me to work on social media sites and manage big documents on Google drive. I spent the first few months jumping here and there without really finding a place that suited me, but now I have found some that make me feel like ‘in the office’. I choose them according to the mood, but especially according to where the next appointment will be … but I warn you though … I have not yet found one suitable for a teleconference, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Officine Grandi Riparazioni

Where | OGR, Corso Castelfidardo, 22, 10138 Torino TO

The OGR offer large and different spaces where one can work. There is the beautiful social table, perfectly equipped with computer outlets, but also very useful USB for your smartphone or any other technological gadget you bring with you every day. And of course fast wi-fi and free for everyone. The social table is also nice because you never know who will sit next to you and if you are lucky you will be able to not just have a chat, but maybe even exchange business cards and contacts. There are also the bar tables and sofas at the entrance flooded with light during the morning hours. Perfect also because you can have a great breakfast and good quality food throughout the day. Beware though, sometimes they may ask you to move if the social table is booked for an event and because during lunch hours or aperitif is quite busy.


EDIT – not only a place for tasting

Where | Via Francesco Cigna, 96/15 Torino

I fell in love with EDIT as soon as I was there for the first time to have breakfast and it’s so close to home that it’s really the perfect solution for me! There are different solutions for working depending on the time of day or the task and the concentration needed. There are comfortable sofas where you can start your working day sipping coffee, flipping through a magazine and replying to emails. But then you can move to the window-facing counters that have a plug; you’ll give your back to the entrance and to all that’s going on behind you, so you can concentrate. In the moments when I was there, especially on Saturday mornings, it wasn’t very crowded and allows to work in peace and in a perfect atmosphere! And the wi-fi is great!

best places for working in Turin

I MagazziniOz

Where | Via Giovanni Giolitti, 19/A, Torino

MagazziniOz is much more than a place to go to work, but it also accommodates students and freelancers! And they offer different possibilities: there is the bar area, divided into different rooms, where you can organize meetings and read, but be careful there because the wi-fi does not work very well. There is the garden that in the summer is perfect if you want to impress a good client and transport him/her in a magical place, where it seems to be out of town for the silence. And then there is the study room, with the very fast wi-fi, the sockets on the walls, the large tables and the other guys who work or study in religious silence. The latter is the perfect room for when you need to concentrate, but not if you want to socialize a little or if you receive phone calls. For that better to move out, where you can also take advantage of a great tea!

best places for working in Turin
best places for working in Turin

La Locanda Leggera

Where | Via Giovanni Francesco Napione, 32, Torino

I discovered the Locanda Leggera a bit by chance, and a little bit by research. I fell in love with it thanks to Valentina and above all thanks to the kindness of the guys who work there and the delights they prepare. They are very kind, there are not many spaces, however they will never start long stories, instead will let you work in peace. I go there every once in a while even if I have video conferencing to do. Maybe avoid the lunch time so as not to clog up a table that is really full!

locanda leggera torino

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Where | Via Giovanni Amendola, 9/d, Torino

Since some weeks ago Grezzo entered my list of favorite places to work: central position in the city, friendliness of the environment and total tranquility of the stations, combined with the fact of being able to delight in work breaks with a totally guilt-free treat, they have really made it the place of the heart at the moment. Also ideal for small business meetings; I bring everyone there and invite him to taste something sweet. And so the meetings can only end better, don’t they?

grezzo raw chocolate torino

Circolo dei lettori

Where | Via Giambattista Bogino, 9, Torino

The beauty of the Circolo dei lettori is that you don’t come here to go to the bar or to have lunch, or rather not only. But we come here especially to meet, to study (there are so many students), to work without being disturbed and for events. Every night a new one, every night a more interesting one. At the Club you can breathe relaxation and breathe culture and you can sit undisturbed at the common tables of the entrance or at the individual tables of the bar (with the foresight to get up at lunch / aperitif time). The consumption is not mandatory, but the delights they prepare are really not to be missed. Oh I forgot! You come here also and above all to make aperitif! 😉

And for those who were wondering this is me and Dumas working (or rather I work and he sleeps or makes a mess) from home 😉

All images © 2019 Kristina Nanovick, Luca Iovino, Fabio Rovere and Monica Pianosi