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Pasticceria Rovida – the best pastry bakery near Milano Centrale

Pasticceria Rovida – the best pastry bakery near Milano Centrale

For years I’ve been looking for the best place for a typical Italian breakfast near Milan Central Station. I’ve tried many places, but often they didn’t satisfy my standards. Only a few years ago I discovered that the best spot was literally around the corner. From that moment onwards, every train trip starts with a coffee and brioche at Pasticceria Rovida. For me it’s the best pastry bakery in the Milano Centrale area.  

Bar Pasticceria Rovida
Via Scarlatti 21 (corner Via Settembrini) | Milano
Mo – Fri| h7.00 – h20.00, Sa | h7.30 – h20.00,  Su | h7.30 – h13.00

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Brioche from € 1.20, coffee from 1€, lunch from 7,50€

Brioche, cakes and light lunches

I must admit that I love sweets. Not that I eat a brioche every day, but if I do eat one, it’s important for me that it’s a good one. Otherwise I’d rather not eat a brioche. At the Pasticceria Rovida, the choice is really ample. They do of course have the ‘classics’: with custard, marmalade, etc. Although you can find these flavours in all bars in Milan, the ones at Rovida are just a bit better as the ingredients they use are the best ones available. However, if you like to try something else, you can try the brioche with pistachio or the new entry ‘Gold’. This brioche is filled with bitter cacao, covered with a layer of ‘golden’ chocolate and peanuts. It might sound a little heavy for the early morning, but it is the perfect brioche if you have to start a long day. 

During the summer months they also offer ‘granite’, a typical cold icy ‘drink’ originally from Sicily. 

Whether you work in the area or your train arrives (or leaves) around lunchtime, you can stop by at Rovida for a light lunch. Each day the menu changes, following the season and the inspiration of the chef. On the menu there are often dishes from the oven, but also salads and sandwiches. And if you don’t have the opportunity to eat your lunch at Rovida, they can also deliver it to your home address or in the office. A perfect solution, also in this ‘post-covid19’ epoch.

Rovida, run by women

The pasticceria Rovida is run by two sisters and their mother, Sometime, especially in busy periods, even  the grandmother helps out. However, they do not only offer delicious brioches and lunches. The owners of the pasticceria are also aware of what happens in the world. For example during International Women’s Day, they offered all the female clients a bouquet of mimosa. These were bought by the owners from an association that takes care of abused women and the money collected was given to that association. A very kind gesture that makes you want to have a delicious brioche at the pasticceria Rovida.

All images 2020©  Inge de Boer