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Turin on its best | What to do in Turin during spring

Turin on its best | What to do in Turin during spring


Whether we talk about the coldest winter or the warmest summer, Turin always find a way to look at its best, at any given season. If autumn covers the city with its most colorful dress made of golden leaves, it’s actually spring that brings the city to a whole new level, waking up from the laziness and tiredness of the winter and dusting the gray off of the city – and our – faces. Defrost your leather jackets and sport sneakers, it’s time to go explore a completely new city, in the warm light of spring.

Arianna & Jehanne


Let’s start! Take a break

Lets start the Spring tour with a nice cup of coffee in one of the rediscovered dehors. Explore the areas around the Dora, where the mild climate meets the restless waters of the river and go for breakfast or brunch in the greenhouse of Cafè Bloom. A few steps away there is also Laleo, perfect for brunch & aperitifs.

Café Bloom | Via Catania, 21/A
Laleo | Corso Verona, 38/E


Follow the blossom

Where has spring left its most obvious signs? In the tree-lined avenues of Crocetta or perhaps in San Salvario? Enzo Mari said that a tree is the very slow explosion of a seed: in Turin some of these seem to explode almost from one day to another. Check this streets to be suprised. 

San Salvario | Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet, 13

Of bees and beers

Re-opening its doors on April 14th, the Turin Botanical Garden organizes a new edition of the Beekeeping introduction course. Aside you can walk inside the structure (entrance is included in the Museums Subscription) or sign up for one of the many guided tours organized by the Garden. Finish up the experience with a beer behind the garden: buy a couple of Peroni beers and chips at the first kiosk around the corner and enjoy!

Orto Botanico di Torino | Viale Mattioli, 25

What to do in Turin during spring

Hidden Street Art

Check out the newest murals of Camilla Falsini in Via Cigliano. A tribute to the first feminist and the first professional writer in history: Christine de Pizan. A nice message of gender equality, promoted by Lavazza’s TOward 2030 initiative. 

Murals of Camilla Falsini | Via Cigliano angolo Corso Tortona


Active day during spring

Lets be active and hit the road or the water! Rent a boat and go rowing on the river or put yourself to the test with the 530 Run on May 31st: a 5K to run in the city at the first light of dawn, at 5.30am for the note. If instead you focus on a more spiritual approach, keep an eye on Semi di Yug: outdoor yoga classes.

Rowing class | Qualsiasi Società dei Canottieri lungo il Po
530 Run | Piazza Castello
Semi di Yug | Parco del Valentino

What to do in Turin during spring

Culture & Arts in full blossom

For those rainy days during Spring, lets enter some interesting art exhibitions that Turin hosts. From May, the Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi will host the interactive exhibition “Claude Monet – The immersive experience”, a 360-degree experience in which to immerse yourself and explore impressionism. At the GAM, on the other hand, “Giorgio de Chirico: back to the future” opens in April, the exhibition dedicated to the great artist who analyzes the dialogue between the painting of the master and contemporary artists from the 70s to Pop Art.

Claude Monet – The immersive experience
Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi | Piazza Principe Amedeo, 7 

Giorgio de Chirico: back to the future
GAM | Via Magenta, 31

What to do in Turin during spring

Try a spring kitchen

The time has come for dinner, for an aperitif. Go for the last warm breeze before sunset sheltered under the large veranda of Eria, one of the most suggestive terraces of San Salvario with its lights and the view on the Synagogue. For dinner, opt for a proposal out of line, and why not, maybe a vegetarian dinner. We recommend Natural Selection, which in terms of vegetarian cuisine has never let me weigh the lack of meat and fish. For the more curious we recommend Chiodi Latini, an ambitious but very successful and satisfying experiment of vegan cuisine.

Eria | Via S. Pio V, 11
Selezione Naturale | Via Andrea Provana, 3/d
Chiodi Latini | Via S. Quintino, 33/C

What to do in Turin during spring

A city break under the stars

But the star of our first seasonal article is the StarsBOX hosted by the Mongioie Refuge. A wooden house, large enough to contain a double bed with a very special feature: a sunroof, to admire the stars and get drunk on the tranquility of a mountain refuge. Something between a tent and a hut, sheltered from the lights and noise of the city. After the first StarsBOX installed in summer 2018, the project is expanding this year thanks to the creation of the Constellation, a network of small houses scattered throughout Italy. You can check the complete Constellation on their website

The events not to miss out on

Il Lovers Film Festival al Cinema Massimo (24/28 Aprile) – Film Festival
Il Torino Jazz Festival (26 Aprile – 4 Maggio) – Music Festival
Il Salone Internazionale del Libro (9/13 Maggio) – Book Market
Flor (24/26 Maggio) – Flower Market
Il Torino Pride (15 Giugno) – Gay Pride 

Illustrations © 2019 Arianna Cristiano