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Best places for breakfast in Turin for us

Best places for breakfast in Turin for us

However you feel about eating when you wake up and whatever your morning ritual, breakfast time is an important moment that must be experienced in all its beauty, especially during the weekend. So we put together our list of 6 best places for breakfast in Turin (of course according to us). A totally partial judgment on how to start the day. In random order:

La Farmacia del Cambio

Piazza Carignano 2 | Torino
Mo – Sun | 9:00 – 19:30
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by Maria Chiara

When someone asks me where to start the day in Turin in the best way, I have a couple of addresses to give to the classic – and never out of fashion – breakfast. Piazza Carignano is the place where I would like to find myself every morning for a coffee, a cozy, almost intimate place that can only make you smile even before tasting one of the wonders that the Farmacia churns out every day. And if I were to recommend something in particular, I really don’t know what to start with! I try to make a selection of my “best of”: brioche with cream and apricot tart, not to be missed. And for the slower mornings, those that deserve an extra touch of sweetness, the showcase of mignons (real works of art) is just waiting to be attacked!

All info about Farmacia del Cambio are here!


Convitto Cafè

Via S. Francesco daPaola, 8 | Torino
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by Valentina

Convitto Cafè is my favourite place of all Turin, especially for breakfast!

When I lived in Vanchiglia Convitto was the fixed stop in the mornings when I was (incredibly) early for work, or those in which I absolutely needed an extra cuddle. I loved to park my bike, go into that peaceful but already turbulent environment in the early morning, among the smiles and the smell of coffee, order my milk-filled cappuccino and savour my hot apricot croissant at the counter “spying” a little from the small window overlooking the kitchen, seeing the first cakes getting ready for the oven. Excited like a child!


Chiodi Latini New Food – Caffetteria

Via Antonio Bertola, 20 | Torino
Mon – Sat | 8:45 – 19.30
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by Monica

Chiodi Latini is one of my favorite coffee places in the city. In addition to having specialty coffees that it’s impossible to find anywhere else in Turin , all their pastries are lactose free and vegan, suitable for many intolerances. The pastries are delicious and special and they manage to put together flavors that in a dessert you might not expect (like the candied broccoli that I assure you is a revelation!). There are also cakes, I tasted a tart with orange cream and the chance to start the day with something savory. But the main reason to go to Chiodi Latini is the courtesy and kindness of the guys who work there and who will certainly manage to make you smile even in a bad day! And I saw on Facebook that they just started serving porridge for breakfast! I will have to come back as soon as possible;)

Spoto Bakery

Via XX Settembre, 57 | Torino
Mon – Sat | 06:00 – 20:00
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by Camilla 

“Pizza is the rock version of bread”: you are greeted with this writing by Spoto Bakery Bistrot, a little New York-style café with an Italian taste, just a stone’s away from Piazza Castello. Okay, we’re here to talk about breakfasts, but better to be prepared in the event of salty cravings early in the morning, right? And here you can find both pizza with classic and original toppings, and the best bread in downtown Turin! Spoto Bakery Bistrot and I moved here almost at the same time: in fact it opened during spring / summer 2016, as soon as I started my adventure in the city. But it is not only for this reason – rather sentimental, you say – that I recommend it, I confess! In addition to the classic selection and excellent quality of croissants and small pastries – and to the exquisite savory proposals I mentioned earlier – Spoto Bakery Bistrot also offers less obvious sweetnesses: let yourself be tempted by maxi homemade rusks garnished with different jams. Mouth-watering!


Locanda Leggera

Via Giovanni Francesco Napione 32 | Torino
Mo – Sat | 7:00 – 19:00
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by Monica

Locanda Leggera is dear to the heart for many of us … it is a simple place, it opens really early and the choice of cakes, cookies, pancakes, pastries and savory buns is really incredible. And then when you enter there is always someone who greets you with a smile and there is nothing better to start the day. For those who love a sweet breakfast there is something for everyone, from cakes with attention to all intolerances, gluten-free, vegan, but also without sugars to fresh croissants and biscuits of a thousand kinds. For those who want a savory breakfast instead I would say to focus on focaccia, sandwiches, but also on eggs. And even fruit lovers will find something for them, with beautiful bowls of fruit salad, juices and smoothies of wonderful colors. Brunch is inevitable on Saturday!


Caffetteria Barolino Cocchi

Via Franco Bonelli 16 C | Torino
Wed – Sat | 18:00 – 02:00
Sun | 11:30 – 15:30 / 18:00 – 02:00
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by Gianluca

I have breakfast in Turin quite infrequently during the week because of the most widespread social problem, that is “work”, while the weekend I tend to flee the city. But those rare times I have opportunity to wake up in town on Sundays, I like to go in a small place out of time in Quadrilatero. The Caffetteria Barolino Cocchi is a place more dedicated to aperitif or after dinner, but on Sunday mornings you can have brunch here, or even just go for a coffee on the fly is an “experience”. This place is located in the old hall of a hotel and in my opinion is one of the most evocative places in the city. It has an atmosphere all its own; go there, then thank me later …

The places where to have breakfast in Turin would actually be a thousand others. Here we have left you our personal selection. If you want to find another you can peek through all the ones we’ve tried here (in Italian though)!

I posti dove fare colazione sarebbero in realtà mille altri. Qui vi abbiamo lasciato la nostra personale selezione. Se volete trovarne un altro potete andare a sbirciare tra tutti quelli che abbiamo provato qui!

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