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The six best breakfast places in Milan

The six best breakfast places in Milan

Having breakfast is always a good thing to do. Milan offers a lot of possibilities to do this, having the chance to choose between an industrial brioche in the bar next door or head for the city centre where one can have a brioche gourmet. Le Strade di Milano went to look for the best breakfast places in Milan.

#1 Caminadella

Via Caminadella, 23 | Milano | citofono 28

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Down the street from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, you just ring the number 28 bell of Via Caminadella to plunge into a hidden oasis that smells like fresh-baked sweets.The heart of Caminadella dolci is the open lab where the staff (all women!) are working full time.

Caminadella dolci it is not a traditional bakery. Here you can find specialities from the italian and the french tradition like the vanilla cannelés from Bordeaux, the pain au chocolate cake, the apple cakes, the dark chocolate cake, the fruits quiche, the tarte Tatin and a number of single-serving desserts. Caminadella dolci is the ideal setting to take a break from the metropolis. It is a place where the crowd and the frenzy cancel each other out allowing time to thought and memories to emerge undisturbed, without hurry, during a cup of coffee and a slice of fresh-baked cake.

#2 Gelsomina

Via Carlo Tenca, 5 | Milano

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Gelsomina is a bakery inspired by the atmosphere, the smells, the ingredients and the flavors of the south of Italy. Once we cross into the space, situated of walking distance of Milan Central Station we feel ourselves how beam in one of the many characteristics environment of the south. Broad and bright, stored inside the best of the south of Italy patisserie: sicilian cassate, cannoli, “maritozzi” with cream (totally to try!), sicilian brioche filled with pistachio cream or blackberry jam of Palermo, croissant in all flavors, sfogliatelle, mini tart, almond pastes and single dose cakes.

best breakfast places in Milan

#3 Crosta

Via Bellotti, 13 | Milano

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Crosta is one of those places that is part of the new wave bakeries in Milan. It is a bakery and pizzeria in one, where the dough rises slowly before put in a very hot oven. The result is delicious and needs to be enjoyed. Obviously they also have sweets, perfect for breakfast: thanks to the quality of the ingredients even a ‘simple’ brioche is mouth watering. Try the biscuits that are different from day to day, from that made with hazelnuts to the one with chocolate and sea salt. See you there!

best breakfast places in Milan

#4 Panificio Davide Longoni

Panificio Davide Longoni
Via Tiraboschi 19 | Milano

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Close to the super-green Piazzale Libia, in the Porta Romana district, there’s a special bakery: very traditional in content and quality on one side, but on the other, very new in the concept. The owner, Davide Longoni, is trying to redefine the concept of bakery by making it an all-day spot: more than a simple shop, this ‘bottega 2.0’ has become a regular target for customers to unwind and hangout in company. Every dough is strictly based on stone-ground flour, and treated with natural leavening, a guarantee of high quality products, and highly digestible. The choice among the types of bread, stuffed focaccia and desserts is very wide. Sit-down for a quiet breakfast and don’t forget to bring home a fresh loaf of bread.

#5 Orso Nero

Orsonero Coffee
Via Broggi 15 | Milano

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Coffee has a very important role in the Italian culture: it is the first drink one has in the morning, it is the perfect excuse when you want to escape the office for a short break and the obligatory end of a long dinner. I believe that Orsonero has been one of the first places to offer speciality coffee. The small bar in the beautiful Via Morgagni, just two steps from the famous Corso Buenos Aires, has opened in 2016. In just 30sqm they prepare you a coffee the way you prefer it, enjoying it with a delicious sweet-pastry. There is no better way to start your day.

best breakfast places in Milan

#6 Tipografia Alimentare

Tipografia Alimentare
Via Dolomiti 1 | Milano

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One of the most popular spots in Turro is Tipografia Alimentare. In this naturally lit food hub you can fill your day from morning to late evening with specially selected ingredients and products that need to be eaten. TipA doesn’t want to be the usual spot where people stop just for a quick coffee in the morning or a fast lunch. It was founded exactly as a food hub, a place where the producer and the consumer can meet. At breakfast one can have a brioche from Rovida pastry store or a piece of cake from a local baker, reading one of the many newspapers available. And in case you feel at home at TipA, why not stay for lunch as well.

best breakfast places in Milan