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Six best things to do in Milan during spring

Six best things to do in Milan during spring

Milan it is time to wake up; spring has arrived!

Let’s face it. Every city is more beautiful during spring. Milan, however, is not only more beautiful, it puts every corner in a new spotlight. Streets are coloured by flowering trees, people open up, as if spring light makes magic happen. Get your bike, a leather jacket and sunglasses, because there is a lot do. See here our advice and events not to be missed during the best period of the year.

#1 La festa dei fiori with some new tastes to discover at Naviglio

On Sunday the 8th of April, Naviglio grande turns into a street full of flowers and delicious bites to try. An event not miss when you are a green lover, but also for those who want to walk among plants and flowers of all kinds. Aside of the flowers, there will be food and wine from small local producers where you can taste all the specialities of farmers of the neighbourhood.

La festa dei fiori
Sunday 8th of April, starts at 8.30AM | Naviglio Grande
Free Entry

#2 A visit to the showroom di Marras during the Design Week

NonostanteMarras is not just a shop, neither a showroom, a studio, cafe, or an exhibition space; it is all these things together. Not impossible, but magical for sure. During the Design Week the inner courtyard turns into an outdoor cafe where you can taste cocktails made from flowers or taste delicious Sardinian sweets. It is also possible to enjoy an intoxicating floral fragrance thanks to the enormous wisteria going through the entire courtyard during spring (a real daydream!).

Showroom di Marras
Via Cola di Rienzo 8 | Neighbourhood Solari

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#3 A walk next to the river of Ponte delle Sirenette

You find Il Ponte delle Sirenette in the most shaded and quiet part of ​​the park Sempione. There where you can see the turtles, fish and ducks. It is an old cast iron bridge decorated with four bicaudate mermaid statues with a long history: few know that the “the sisters of Ghisini”, so called affectionately by the Milanese because of their material, arrived at the Simplon only after a long series of adventures that date back as far as 1840. It is also said that they bring luck to lovers: with the arrival of spring I would not miss the opportunity to pay them a visit.

Il Ponte delle Sirenette in the park Sempione
Every day 6.30 AM – 9 PM | Free entry

#4 A Sunday lunch in the open air

U BARBA, a contemporary trattoria, stylish and radical (chic!) enough. The perfect place for a lunch in the semi-open terrace that overlooks the garden of the old Bocciofila Decembrio. Here you can try some Ligurian specialties immersed in a characteristic space where the extreme attention to detail is the master: wooden grids on which they freely graze jasmine leaves, basil plants to adorn the surfaces and to complete the frame of the bowling alley.

U Barba
Via Pier Candido Decembrio, 33 | Neighbourhood Porta Romana / Lodi

Lunch | Saturday & Sunday 12 AM – 3 PM
Dinner | Every day 7 – 11 PM

#5 An aperitivo in the courtyard of SIX

A space that has been designed to combine very different realities: refined, eclectic, out of every scheme and from every ordinary definition, halfway between the hidden courtyards and the colonial courts of Havana. Six is ​​a place outside the box that combines design, food and architecture and is perfect for taking a break. Spring and summer are the best times to enjoy the beauty of the inner courtyard and to forget about being in Milan for a while.

Via Scaldasole, 7 | Neighbourhood Ticinese

Monday until Saturday | 12 AM – 3 PM  & 7 PM – midnight

#6 A trip through the colourful tulips

Just outside Milan, in the park of Groane in Arese, there is the colorful Italian Tulips field where you can collect (in moderation!) more than 450 different types of tulips. The show is a must and walking in an expanse of more than 570,000 colorful tulips is an opportunity for everyone, from adults to children, to enjoy an afternoon in the open air and certainly a destination for all lovers of photography (or instagram).

Tulipani Italiani
Via Giuseppe Eugenio Luraghi, 11 Arese (Milan)

Monday until Friday 9 AM – 7.30 PM
Saturday & Sunday 8.30 AM – 7.30 PM | Tel. 339 122 7321