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The instagram guide of Turin

The instagram guide of Turin

Turin, you know, is a beautiful city from all points of view: from architecture to its restaurants, from gardens to historic bars. Above all, Turin is beautiful to photograph, so if you’re here for a couple of days only, you cannot miss these amazing spots that will blow away your followers on Instagram!

These are the place that you cannot miss!

  1. Qui in Vanchiglia
  2. Share Wood
  3. Fanè
  4. Oh Crispa
  5. Mara dei boschi
  6. Orso laboratorio caffè
  7. Carlina restaurant bar
  8. Poormanger
  9. Una passeggiata ai Murazzi
  10. Una passeggiata in San Salvario

And now let’s investigate them better!

Let’s make it a guide clock-wise and let me guide you though the perfect Instagram day spent in Turin looking for those hidden corners of the city that just ask you to take out your camera or smartphone. Delicious dishes, generous glasses of wine, architecture and landscapes, but also design and fashion shops. In this guide there really is something for everyone!

Instagram loves the river and Murazzi

My suggestion is to wake up a bit early in your tour of Turin and to take a good book with you, Laura explains you how to choose the perfect book here. Now that you have it go to Murazzi, sit on the quay and watch the city waking up while you’re reading your favourite book. A book + the river + the sun rising from behind the hill of Superga + a couple of used Converse … isn’t this the perfect picture? Bring a croissant if you want to complete the picture of the perfect morning.

guida ai posti più instagrammabili di Torino 1-min

Breakfast for Instagram lovers

After this little reading immersion, whether you are on foot or by bike, move to Vanchiglia, the neighborhood we love the most, especially when it comes to starting the day. The possibilities for an Instagram-proof breakfast are many, but we will especially recommend two:

1. Qui in Vanchiglia

The decor could be considered eccentric, but for an Instagram lover it’s just perfect: jungle-like wallpaper, a disk of Nick Cave on the shelves, miniature cactus and a leopard. The style is simple and the idea is to make you feel ‘at home’. The thing is … that at home you don’t have all these cups, saucers, glasses and briquettes like at Qui, nor would you be able to prepare an avocado toast like their. Nice to photograph and incredibly tasty to eat 

guida ai posti più instagrammabili di Torino qui in vanchiglia 3-min

2. Share Wood

This is the magical place that has a birch right in the middle of the room, if you’ve been in Turin already we are sure you’ve already heard of it. But it’s not just the birch that will attract your followers; cages for birds hanging here and there, autumn leaves when it’s in season, chairs that are all different from each other and lots of sweets that are calling your name… Just to be photographed of course!

Feel free to spend most of the morning here, the perfect shot is hard to find! When you feel comfortable and ready for the next exploration then it’s time to cross the city and go to San Salvario, the creative district.

guida ai posti più instagrammabili di Torino share wood 2
guida ai posti più instagrammabili di Torino share wood 3

A tour on the bicycle in San Salvario

In San Salvario, if you don’t know the neighbourhood very well, it could be easy to get lost. But you don’t have anything to worry about because Arianna has prepared for you just the perfect tour of the best historical houses of San Salvario so that you’ll get to understand the direction based on the building you see. There are two pictures that you must take:

1. A picture in front of the Pomegranate Door

guida ai posti più instagrammabili di Torino portone dei melograni-min

2. A picture of the bats house

guida ai posti più instagrammabili di Torino pipistrelli

If you’re already hungry and it’s time for lunch I have a place that will make you jump from happiness! Oh Crispa! Is the perfect place: designer lamps, a massive central wooden table with large stools (hello flat lay!), floors and walls with geometric patterns, pastel colors and beautiful paintings hanging on the walls. Everything is in the right place, everything is taken care of in detail. Because, after all, Tina, the owner, was a graphic designer in Shanghai!

But the beauty has yet to come with your food! Order the “Xiao Long Bao”, the ravioli stuffed with broth and get excited at the sight of the beet red dough. And what about crystal ravioli? Called “Shui Jing Jiao”, they are almost transparent and you can see the filling inside. Nothing is more beautiful (and delicious!)!


While you are in San Salvario there are two places that cannot miss! A coffee at Orso Laboratorio Caffè to take a picture of their timeless cups and marble tables. Once you exit Orso just turn right and enter the next door to treat yourself to an ice cream from Mara dei Boschi. An ice cream parlor like those of the past, with artisan-made ice cream and many tastes different from the classical ones to make your taste buds happy. For the photo, choose a chocolate and a fruit flavor, maybe a raspberry or a very white cream. And you will have found the perfect shot.


Well deserved time for shopping

After you’ve found the perfect lunch for Instagram, you’re ready for a shopping trip.

Stop by Letterarium to buy that something to decorate the white wall that bothers you at home or a beautiful backlit BAR board. Entering this place it like entering your special place. And that’s right, this place is really special and here Ivan recovers and gives new life to the box letters of old commercial signs, turning them into real design objects whose charm is impossible to resist.


At this point you are faced with a choice: go to Fanè, direction Aurora, to recover that old and vintage object that your grandmother kept in the closet and that you can not miss out on taking pictures or stay in the historic center and go to Martinica to buy a pair of lamé socks, which will make your outfits on Instagram perfect in every situation, and to photograph pink flamingos. Here I leave you the choice!


Dinner and after-dinner delights

To close the day the possibilities are really many. You could opt to eat a stuffed, good, warm and comforting potato from Poormanger and unleash your Instagram-creativity with flat-lay photos where you can also see the floor tiles or took a scenic portrait in the mirror with a potato that will make you win several like.


If you are a little less hungry, you can go to Da Emilia, fill your tummy with tigelle watered by excellent red wine and fill the phone’s memory with photos of their orange SMEG fridge.


Or take the direction of Piazza Carlina. Enter the Carlina Restaurant Bar (same entrance as the NH hotel) and ask to go to the terrace bar. Hoping there’s room, if you can book it’s always better, go up to the top floor and get carried away by the atmosphere. Beautiful and delicious cocktails and the view on the Mole. The perfect shot is served!


I hope you enjoyed this guide, if there are places in Turin that you love to photograph and that is going crazy on Instagram let me know in the comments below! Btw, if you don’t follow us yet on Instagram you can find us there as @lestradeditorino 😉

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